Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

Automated Underground Sprinklers

It goes without saying that an in-ground Irrigation system encourages the growth of grass, shrubs and plants. If you want your home or business to be the talk of the community, consider installing a high-powered lawn irrigation system. The irrigation system professionals at Dombrowski Property Maintenance will install residential and commercial irrigation systems. Time to put away that hose. No more dragging it across your lawn to keep your grass and plants looking beautiful.

Once your system is installed our irrigation professionals will consult with our you on watering schedules to maximize efficiency.  You should also consult your local municipality, who may have watering schedules that homeowners and business owners must follow.  Maintaining a schedule is best to avoid overwatering or underwatering of lawns, shrubs and flowers. 

Ready to have that lush and fertile lawn that would make your local golf course jealous? Contact the team at Dombrowski Property Maintenance today to schedule your consultation and installation.

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