Sod Services

Sod Services

Dombrowski Property Maintenance is the team to call when you are considering installing sod on your home or business property. Whether you are getting ready to sell your home, upgrading the exterior, or just trying to keep it looking its best, curb appeal is essential, and a green, well-maintained lawn is a huge part of that equation.

If you are tired of your lawn looking dull and brown and your lawn could use a makeover, consider installing sod. Sod is rolled into place over a suitably prepared base and instantly creates a beautiful, perfectly manicured lawn without the need to seed or fertilize. You just sit back and wait for the grass to grow.

If you are considering sod installation for your Florida home or business, you need to talk to our experts at Dombrowski Property Maintenance. Our team can handle the entire process, from grading your yard and adding drainage to installing the sod and completing the landscaping. We serve the areas of Pinellas and Pasco County and have been creating beautiful yards, lawns, and landscapes for our customers to enjoy.

Benefits of Sod Installation

While seeding can take several growing seasons to achieve a good-looking and healthy result, sod can be installed in a matter of hours to create a photo-ready lawn. Sod is typically grown on specialty farms and harvested by machine. It’s a great solution to beautify your Florida home or business.

Benefits of sod include:

If you are ready to have sod installed on your home or office yard, contact the team at Dombrowski Property Maintenance today. 

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